Lenna Headband Available Now
Lenna Headband Available Now

Lenna Headband Available Now

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Add flair to your look with the Lenna linen headband.

The headband is embellished with crystals of various sizes, freshwater pearls and Preciosa baroque pearls. Brass settings are in a golden color. High-quality Swarovski and Preciosa crystals add a dazzling sparkle to the headband.

The crystals come in beige, gold, rose gold, and crystal clear hues, while the freshwater pearls are ivory white, complementing the natural light-toned linen fabric.

Additionally, there is a small round golden metal logo tag and name tag attached to the headband. Two hair combs are added for extra support.

Weight: 90 - 100g                                                      Width: headband base is 4 cm wide                            Type: not high, slightly padded                                        Fabric: 100% natural fibers, soft slub woven linen mixed with viscose

The product is shipped in a luxury hardcover hat box.

** Each product is made by hand and is subject to slight variations.

*** Please note: All hair accessories should be stored in a hat box to protect them from dust, moisture and sunlight. The use of hairspray, perfume or hair care products will leave stains on the product surfaces. Water and moisture, cosmetics, creams, household chemicals, perfumes and hair care products can contribute to the natural oxidation process of the hair accessories and make the product surfaces dull. Please DO NOT stretch the headpieces; they may deform. With proper care your hair ornament will last beautifully for years!