Eva Oherjus, the Estonian milliner, has a background in textile art from the Pallas Art School. Her journey began serendipitously in London in 2009 while she was practicing fashion design.

Walking through the city, she stepped into a hat shop. Trying on various hat styles, Eva's fascination with hats was immediate. Her very first purchase, a black cocktail hat adorned with a face veil and feathers, marked the beginning of her enchanting journey into the world of millinery.

Eva's creations are a blend of timeless elegance and modern flair. Her handcrafted headbands, fascinators, and wedding hair accessories are not just beautiful but also highly practical. Each piece is meticulously created in her Tartu art studio, with every detail, stitch and embroidered pearl receiving the utmost care and attention.

More than a milliner, Eva is on a mission to inspire women to embrace the power of headwear. Headpieces, in her view, are more than accessories; they are a way to express one's personality, transform an outfit, and infuse life with a unique mood. They ignite conversations, excite the wearer, and make a powerful statement. Choosing a headpiece is an act of courage and style, setting one apart and attracting attention.

Eva's journey to mastery involved a deep study of millinery, drawing inspiration from books, magazines, and online training under the mentorship of award-winning milliners. Her sources of creativity are as diverse as the history of hats, the charm of costume dramas, and the allure of materials. She finds particular fascination in the eras of the mid-1920s and 1930s, as well as the luxurious world of art déco. Eva Oherjus is not just crafting headwear; she's weaving magic into every piece she creates.