Eva Oherjus is an Estonian milliner who received her education in textile art at the Pallas Art School. While practicing fashion design in London in 2009, she was walking around the city and stepped into a hat shop for the first time in her life. She tried on different hat styles and was fascinated by hats in an instant. She bought her first black cocktail hat, decorated with a face veil and feathers. Since that day, Eva has been sent by hat magic.

Eva has been working on creating headpieces that are both practical and beautiful, with designs that incorporate elements of classic hat making techniques and avant-garde ideas. Her signature style plays with elegant forms and glamour, creating pieces that are both timeless and modern. She is specializing in impeccably hand-crafted headbands, fascinators and wedding hair accessories. Eva Oherjus' hair ornaments are made entirely by hand in her art studio in Tartu. Every detail, every stitch and embroidered pearl and Swarovski crystal is a time-consuming craft.

Her goal as a milliner is to inspire women to wear more headdresses in order to emphasize their beauty and femininity. Headpieces are much more than accessories. They capture the personality of the individual, they transform an outfit and bring a mood to life. They get people talking, excite the person who is wearing the headpiece and make a statement unlike anything else. Properly chosen headdress makes a woman shine even more and gives her clothes the finishing touch. Wearing a headpiece requires courage and style, because it distinguishes from the mass and attracts attention.
Eva Oherjus studied millinery learning from different books and magazines and completing online trainings with award winning milliners. She is inspired by the study of the history of hats and costume dramas, as well as the materials and combining those together. Among the eras, her favorites are the mid-1920s and 1930s and the luxury of art déco.