Stella Knot Headband
Stella Knot Headband
Stella Knot Headband
Stella Knot Headband
Stella Knot Headband

Stella Knot Headband

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Whether you're preparing for a night on the town or looking to enhance your everyday style, the Stella headband is an excellent choice.

The headband is crafted from structured fabric adorned with abstract leopard spots in hues of pale yellow interwoven with threads of gold. The remaining fabric features a combination of white and silver, creating a captivating pattern that complements both silver and gold jewelry. The base of the headband is enveloped in luxurious white dupioni silk.

Little round silver colour metal logo tag and name tag are attached to the headband.

Weight: ~ 50g

Width: headband base is 4 cm wide, together with fabric ~ 6cm.

Type: top knot headband 

Fabric: The top layer features a limited quantity of exquisite fabric sourced from a renowned French fashion house. The bottom of the headband is adorned with luxurious white dupioni silk. Dupioni silk is handwoven from double cocoons, giving it a unique slubbing and crisp drape, adding to its allure and elegance.

The product is shipped in a luxury hardcover hat box.

Made to order, please allow up to 3 weeks. 

 ** Each product is made by hand and is subject to slight variations. Production begins after the order is processed. 

*** Please note: All hair accessories should be stored in a hat box to protect them from dust, moisture and sunlight. The use of hairspray, perfume or hair care products will leave stains on the product surfaces. Water and moisture, cosmetics, creams, household chemicals, perfumes and hair care products can contribute to the natural oxidation process of the hair accessories and make the product surfaces dull. Please DO NOT stretch the headpieces; they may deform. With proper care your hair ornament will last beautifully for years!